“We’ll create solutions for you and your budget.”

Sometimes individuals desire expert assistance in identifying what is contributing to their current difficulties and what options are available to correct those concerns. Individuals may also be interested in how to prevent water drainage issues with new construction and want assistance with the design process.

And while they may or may not be interested in hiring Spohr’s Wet Basement Solutions to perform the proposed work, they can still hire Spohr’s Consulting for a consultation. There is a charge for our professional consultation that will be determined at the time of the scheduling that would also be deducted from the cost of the work, if the owner decides to hire Spohr’s Wet Basement Solutions.

We are an expert witness with the State of Nebraska for water related issues. We have been hired to assist in legal cases involving real estate transactions as well as builder and customer cases. We also perform home inspections prior to buying or selling, as well as help diagnose if there were previous water issues that were not disclosed prior to a home purchase.

Services Provided: